School Management System

Allow schools to streamline administrative processes, improve stakeholder communication, and enhance student performance.

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Comprehensive School Management System

Study Monitor is a comprehensive school management system designed to help academic institutions achieve their objectives through digital technology. The system is engineered by a team of experienced professionals who have incorporated cutting-edge technology to create a robust and efficient platform for managing student data and attendance tracking.


The primary goal of Study Monitor is to enable academic institutions to leverage the power of technology in streamlining their operations and enhancing their overall performance. The system is designed to provide a user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of school administration, including attendance tracking, student data management, and communication with parents and guardians.

Our Offering

School Management System

Allow schools to streamline their administrative processes, improve communication with stakeholders, and enhance student performance.

Automated Attendance System

Allows schools to automate their attendance tracking process, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of errors.

GPS Tracking

Allows schools to monitor their buses' movement, ensuring students' safety during transportation.

Finance Management

This feature allows schools to easily track their monthly fees, generate invoices, and manage payments.

Communication Management

This feature provides schools with various tools to improve communication with students, parents, and staff.

Syllabus Management

With Syllabus Management, schools can create, store, and share course materials, lesson plans, and other educational resources.

Perfect Dashboard

Study Monitor’s School Management System is a comprehensive software solution designed to help educational institutions manage their day-to-day operations with ease and efficiency.

Trusted by many users across the country

Our system boasts a user-friendly interface and advanced data management features, making it an indispensable tool for educators and administrators alike.
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