Parenting apps you didn’t know you needed!

Living in a digital world with your child means that apps or applications have become a vital part of their growing vernacular. Today, there are also tons of parenting app that make things easier for new parents – whether that is to assist with tracking your baby’s progress or finding a latest study material to teach your child.

Below are some of the must have apps for the parents:

STUDY Monitor® is a real time mobile app that can be downloaded by students, teachers and parents. It is also available as a fully integrated online web application that can be used anytime and anywhere. Parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts just by tapping a button. There integrated RFID and CCTV monitoring system track students in real-time, whether in the school bus or in the classroom. It assists in attendance tracking giving parents and teachers peace of mind.


BYJU’s is India’s No 1 Education Company with over 4.5 lakh paid subscribers and one of the world’s fastest growing Ed-Tech companies. he Learning App is the popular brand name for Think and Learn Private Ltd., a Bengaluru-based Educational technology (ed-tech) and online tutoring company that has recently received large-scale attention from students across India and attracted investors from across the globe.


The parenting app allows you to create lists of videos that are safe for your child to watch, plus it filters out ads and links to inappropriate content. The app also comes with a broad selection of videos pre-selected by the VideoMonster editorial staff, with lists for kids from ages 2 through teen. offers a connected home security app that makes it possible to monitor your home (and your teenagers) when you can’t be there. Gain control from your iPhone, iPad, or even your Apple Watch. Control all your smart devices, watch video to get real visibility into what’s going on with your kids.

Digital Compass:

A creation of Common Sense Media, Digital Compass is a fun and engaging app designed for kids in 6th through 9th grades. If you have a younger teen and you’re concerned about their knowledge of digital safety, the interactive games in this app can help you convey important safety lessons.